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Certified Backflow Testing Services in Victoria

Schedule Regular Backflow Testing in Victoria

When you install a new irrigation system, you may consider aesthetics and functionality your top priorities. However, structural integrity and safety maintenance serve as the foundation that keeps your yard beautiful, lush and green. Backflow represents one of the most insidious threats to your yard and health. If you are looking for backflow testing in Victoria, call our experts for help. At Victoria Garden Sprinklers, we offer reliable services to help you prevent contaminants from entering the water supply system. 

Testing & Prevention Services

The water used by your irrigation system comes from the same sources as your drinking, cooking and bathing water, but once it has nourished your yard, it may contain dangerous chemicals from fertilizer, mulch or debris. You must keep irrigation water separate from potable water as a crucial safeguard for your family’s health.

The term “backflow” refers to water moving against its intended course. When backflow occurs, contaminated water may taint your family’s drinking water. Backflow may occur for many reasons. A common threat develops when water pressure fails—for example, when a water main leaks or bursts. The pressure change forces water against its typical flow pattern.

Testing can help identify possible issues before they cause problems. To eliminate threats to your water’s purity, our team installs backflow preventers. These mechanisms protect against back-siphonage and back-pressure.

What Is a Backflow Preventer?

A backflow preventer is a type of device or mechanism that prevents backflow in your irrigation system, keeping your drinking water pure and clean. One common way to prevent backflow is with an air gap. An air gap can eliminate a cross-connection or create a barrier against any backflow. Usually this is achieved with a basic mechanical backflow preventer that provides a real physical barrier. Other common backflow preventers include the pressure breaker assembly, reduced-pressure principle assembly and the double check valve assembly. You can also use the residential dual check valve as a mechanical backflow preventer. With several options to choose from it’s important to discuss your backflow prevention needs with an expert to determine which device works best for your irrigation system.

Cross Connection Control (CCC) Certified Backflow Assembly Testers

In the Victoria area, the Capital Regional District (CRD) has made it mandatory to have a Backflow Prevention Assembly on your irrigation system in order to protect your drinking water. Backflow Prevention Assembly devices can wear out over time so having them annually tested will ensure that your home’s drinking water is safe. At Victoria Garden Sprinklers, we have Certified Backflow Assembly Testers on staff to inspect, test, repair, and replace your devices.

Consultation & Inspection Services

Our team has more than three decades of experience protecting water sources and preventing potential health risks.

We offer certified testing and prevention throughout Victoria and the surrounding areas. In addition to that, we also provide winterizing and landscaping services. 

If you need to speak directly with one of our staff members about your yard, call us at 250-652-0442 or fax us at 250-652-3669 during business hours. You can also contact us for backflow testing services in Victoria.

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