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Automatic Sprinkler System Design and Installation

Victoria Garden Sprinklers has designed and installed irrigation systems since 1981. Our expert team can help you decide which type of system will best suit your needs—and your budget. With an automatic sprinkler system you won’t have to worry about watering your lawn, garden, greenhouse or hedges. Modern automated irrigation allows you to simply set a timer and let the system take care of the watering for you.


Contact us today and watch your garden come to life tomorrow.


In addition to energy-efficient sprinkler heads and timers, we can also install rain sensors to help your system conserve even more water.


High Efficiency Irrigation Systems

Our systems are custom-designed to hydrate:

  • Lawns and trees
  • Herb and vegetable gardens
  • Hanging baskets and flower beds
  • Shrubs and hedges
  • Pots and planters
  • Greenhouses


Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting

An outdoor lighting system provides your property with safety and security, while also adding an element of style to your lawn and garden. We offer countless styles to choose from and will install these lights just about anywhere.

Call Today - Enjoy all summer has to offer & get the garden you’ve always wanted
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