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Prepare for Your Sprinkler Spring Start-Up in Victoria

Spring marks the beginning of the watering season and is an ideal time for a system inspection. We can make sure your system is ready to keep your garden green the whole summer long. You can contact us to prepare for a beautiful flowering season with sprinkler spring start-ups in Victoria, BC.  You can depend on Victoria Garden Sprinkles to:


We can make sure that your sprinkler is up and ready to run throughout the summer season and help in beautifying your lawn. We are experienced professionals and have helped customers with their sprinklers and landscaping needs since 1981. Along with providing you sprinkler spring start-up for your property in Victoria, BC, we can also guide you to get the best long-term results for your lawns.  


How to De-Winterize?

In the winter season, your sprinkler system is not in much use. It should be winterized. In order to enable a sprinkler system to function properly after the winter season is over, the system needs to be de-winterized. This is where we come in. We perform de-winterizations for your sprinkler systems. We will go through the vacuum breaker and ensure that your sprinkler system is ready for spring. After that, we will reinstall the Main Valve Bleeder Cap and open the main valve to turn water into the system. We will also perform thorough inspections and manual checks to ensure that nothing is broken and that there is no backflow so that your sprinkler system is all set to irrigate.


When to Start Your Sprinkler System?

As a general rule, you can start your spring sprinkler system only after the frost season has passed. This will keep the system safe and avoid any cracks or damage that can be caused by the frost.


It’s the Season of Sprinkler Start-Ups!

We can start-up your sprinkler systems and make them ready for the spring season.

Call Today - Enjoy all summer has to offer & get the garden you’ve always wanted
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