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6 Solid West Coast Landscaping Tips

Tips for Landscaping in Victoria British Columbia

The Pacific Temperate Rainforest provides a wonderful climate for homeowners to focus on creating beautiful landscaping around their property. 

Here are some helpful West Coast landscaping tips from the service experts at Victoria Garden Sprinklers:

1) Consider seasonal changes

The West Coast climate may be mild, but it does go through seasonal changes which you have to take into account when landscaping. Make sure your landscaping contains elements that offer something to look at during all four seasons. Aesthetic grasses and hardy succulents are a good choice, as they can generally stand up to the wet winters while your blossoming plants go dormant. Including some deciduous plants is also perfect for adding a splash of colour during the fall.

2) Start with good soil

Before even thinking about what plants you want to shine during which seasons, you need to have good soil to plant them in. Quality, nutritious soil will give you strong and hardy plants that will serve the purposes you chose them for. Covering the soil with a good layer of mulch is important as well.

3) Think about irrigation

We also always recommend that you think about installing some sort of irrigation system, preferably an automatic one. You can protect all of the effort you put into your landscaping by making sure you give all of your plants the right amount of water. Sprinkler systems with rain sensors are also useful in Victoria, helping you save water when it rains.

4) Plan for plant growth

It can be tempting to place a lot of plants really close together in the beginning in order to make everything look filled in. However, as plants go grow quickly in Victoria's climate, you might soon have a tangled mess on your hands. Plan for how much you can expect your plants to grow, and plant them accordingly.

5) Don't forget about hardscaping

Hardscaping and adding components such as benches, paths, arbours, and pergolas is just as important as landscaping. Having a deck whereeck you can entertain and enjoy all of your landscaping elements can often be the key to bringing your entire landscaping plan together.

6) You don't have to do everything yourself!

Trying to take on every aspect of landscaping yourself can quickly become overwhelming, so it is important to remember that you can hire our landscaping services to handle the bigger tasks for you.

At Victoria Garden Sprinkler we provide complete landscaping services in Victoria, including hardscaping and exterior installations such as decks and patios. Working with our trusted landscaping contractors can cut down on the amount of time your landscaping projects take, and help you achieve your vision for your property.

Feel free to contact Victoria Garden Sprinklers today to ask us about how our Victoria landscaping services can help boost the appeal and even the functionality of your outdoor space.


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