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How to Water Your Landscaping This Summer

Tips on watering your lawn in Victoria, BC

Watering the landscaping around your home or business in the summer might seem like a simple task, but your grass, plants, trees, and shrubs can be finicky about how much and how often they prefer to be watered. At Victoria Garden Sprinklers we provide sprinkler systems and landscaping services in Victoria, so we know a thing or two about watering landscaping.

If you want beautiful and well-watered landscaping in the summer, then we've put together some simple tips and rules to help you out.

Get to Know Your Landscaping

Investing the time to get to know every square inch of your Victoria landscaping can save you from having to deal with a lot of over or under watered plants in the future. Note the areas that have more or less shade or that are at the top or the bottom of a slope. Shaded and lower areas usually require less water, while sunny, higher areas tend to require more.

After you finish watering an area, let the water soak in for a while, and dig a little bit into the soil. Check to see how wet the soil is and how far down the water is reaching. If the soil is too compacted for the water to reach all of the plant roots, then it could likely use some aeration.

Water When the Sun is Low

Watering your landscaping in Victoria is best done either in the early morning or in the evening, when the sun isn't too high in the sky. This will give the water a chance to make its way deeper into the soil. Watering during warmer parts of the day will cause much of the water to evaporate, forcing you to use more water to get desired results. Additionally, water droplets on leaves can magnify the light coming from a strong, hot, midday sun, resulting in burn marks.

Increase Volume, Decrease Frequency

A good rule of thumb for most home and business owners who are new to watering landscaping and who have trouble with plants not getting enough water is to slightly decrease the frequency of your watering but to increase the volume of the water you use. Providing only a small amount of water at a time will result in high rates of evaporation. Be generous with how much water you give your landscaping at once, and prevent over-watering by cutting down a bit on how often you do it.

Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems for Your Victoria Landscaping

Properly watering your landscaping can be a time-consuming task if you try to do it all by hand. The right irrigation and sprinkler systems will save you a lot of time and trouble while ensuring that all of your plants receive exactly the amount of water they need. For lush and beautiful landscaping, consider pop-up sprinkler system installation from Victoria Garden Sprinklers. With automatic irrigation, you simply set a timer and let the sprinklers do all the work.

For comprehensive Victoria landscaping services and sprinkler system installation, just contact Victoria Garden Sprinklers today.


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